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Call us on...

+44 (0) 1582 857940

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About Us

Bell Classics provide a first class service, whether that is a nut and bolt rebuild or an annual service.

What we offer

We offer classic cars and restoration projects for sale, alongside restoration work, servicing and selected spare parts of Ferraris and Aston Martins. We also have a highly skilled engineering and R&D service enabling us to create almost anything bespoke for your car.

Our customers prefer us to spend a little more time to ensure that no shortcuts are taken while the car is in our care, even if that costs a little bit more. That way, our customers know their car has been treated to the best care available.

Ferrari and Aston Martin experience

We pride ourselves in our ability to diagnose mechanical and electrical problems, with specific experience in the Ferrari V12 Colombo and Aston Martin DB4, DB5 and DB6 engines and mechanicals. We believe that this, along with our years of experience, our passion and expertise, defines the kind of service we provide.

In-house expertise

Our in-house expertise is comprised of not only a knowledge of Aston Martin and Ferrari mechanicals, but the market within which these cars are bought and sold and which upgrades and improvements are acceptable within these markets and which are not.

Problem solvers

By taking an analytical and intellectual approach to problem solving, which sometimes involves experimentation and research, we always find a solution to your problem.

For our customers, we have helped to solve:

Aston Martin DB5
Ferrari 330GTC
Aston Martin dashboard
DB6 body

We work with the best

Over the years, Bell Classics has identified and built close working relationships with other specialists to ensure that the quality of the service we provide is of the highest standard.

We outsource our engine balancing needs to the best in the business. Our painting is provided by a local specialist with first-rate facilities. Our trim is undertaken by a highly reputable local trim specialist with a depth of knowledge that spans the car’s interior leather trim and carpeting as well as hoods and tonneaus.

Our process

We like to provide an estimate of the work we carry out on your car and we will do our best to keep you informed of any rising costs. We are also able to provide a photographic record of the restoration work carried out on your car.

If you require a service with a high level of expertise and attention to detail please get in touch with us – we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Daytona engine
Maserati engine