About us

Bell Classics was formed in 1989. Initially, we specialised in restoring and servicing Austin Healey sports cars – but our real passion lay elsewhere.

As owners of classic Ferraris and Aston Martins, the move to these two marques was a natural and obvious choice: we now specialise in the servicing, restoration and sales of all Ferrari models, as well as Aston Martin DB4, DB5 and DB6s. As our business grew, we developed a comprehensive service around these two prestigious marques.


What we offer

As the owner of a thoroughbred classic from an iconic ‘stable’ which demands only the very best workmanship, service, and attention, you’ll want it to be treated accordingly. As enthusiasts and owners we appreciate and fully understand that: it’s exactly what we would expect.

No matter whether your car is with us for an annual service, repair, or extensive restoration work, both you and your car will receive first-class service and benefit from the knowledge and experience we’ve accumulated over the years.


Marque experience

As specialists we’ve developed an encyclopedic knowledge of classic Ferrari and Aston Martin sports cars. We understand how they were developed, how they were constructed, and how they perform. We know about the upgrades and improvements that were introduced and we have access to records and documentation to support that.

We understand the need for authenticity. We research any repair or restoration work to ensure that it is correct for that particular car at that particular time in its history.


In-house expertise

Our technicians are factory trained and combine their skills with state-of-the-art technical hardware to diagnose, repair, service and maintain your car to the highest possible standard. We have craftsmen who are experts in hand-finishing techniques and we’ve invested in specialised equipment that allows us to reverse engineer components if need be.

We use an intelligent and analytical approach to working on the cars we are responsible for: our passion for the subject means that we treat them as if they are our own; we neither cut corners nor leave a stone unturned in our pursuit of outstanding workmanship.


Working with the best

We can’t be experts in everything. Over the years we’ve built close working relationships with a small number of companies who are recognised as being amongst the best in their individual areas of specialisation.

We outsource engine balancing, wiring, interior trim and finishing to companies who we are confident share our values, whose work and service levels complement our own and who we feel comfortable and proud to work with.