Bell Classics prides itself on ‘engineering excellence’. Restoring and servicing hand-built, low-volume, classic cars that are fifty years old is very different from maintaining modern or volume production cars. Work is often deeper and more intensive, parts are sometimes not available and, of course, specialist skills are required. Our technicians provide the skill and use our engineering facilities to provide the self-sufficiency that’s often needed to successfully carry out our restoration and servicing activities.


Engine building and tuning

The heart of a car is its engine. To ensure it’s working exactly as it was intended we have the facilities, equipment and skills needed to completely strip down any engine, ‘blueprint’ the component parts to their exact specification, balance rotating parts, rebuild it and tune it to perfection. Our engine rebuilding service places emphasis on ensuring that precise tolerances are met so as to maximise power output, reliability and longevity.

We have a Serdi S3 Millenium valve seat and guide cutting machine which allows us to accurately refinish multi-angle valve seats, replace valve guides and carry out lifter bore work on both competition and road-car engines. Our dynamic flow bench measures flow efficiency through carburettors and filters, intake and exhaust ports and manifolds. Engines are rebuilt in a dedicated temperature-controlled ‘clean room’ to ensure a lack of potentially damaging contaminants.


Reverse engineering and product development

From time-to-time we may need a component that is either no longer available or may have exhibited a weakness since its original specification. Fortunately we have the facilities to ‘reverse engineer’ a component using an existing part as a pattern. We are currently recreating Weber 40DCZ carburettors from scratch using 3D scanners and printers. Our machine shop has CAD lathes and CNC milling machines along with gas, MIG and TIG welding facilities.



An integral part of our engineering service is product development work which focuses on either improving parts or developing a bespoke solution for a customer. Typical success stories include developing an improved water pump seal system for the Ferrari 330GT, an improved oil pump for a Ferrari 275GTB transaxle and an improved set of Aston Martin gearbox bearings.

Bespoke solutions for individual customers include a custom-built replacement torque-biasing limited-slip differential for a Ferrari 275GTB transaxle, and a replacement 5-speed gearbox and power steering components for an Aston Martin.