Ferrari 330 / 365 door lock bush

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    A small but critical part to any Ferrari 330 or 365 door lock, this bush sits between the locking mechanism and the locking arms; With age and use these become brittle and start to crumble. Our in-house developed items are a direct replacement, taking seconds to fit and have been engineered to ensure they don’t affect the feel of the locking mechanism. The materials chosen are unaffected by lubricating grease usually used when assembling these parts.

    The image below shows their location on a 330GT 2+2, as photographed from the inside of the right-hand door with the door card off and window fully raised. The original top grommet is in-place but deteriorated and the lower one missing entirely:

    These are priced per item; 2 are required per door for a 330 and 3 per door for a 365.

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    Ferrari 330GT 2+2, Ferrari 365GT, Ferrari 330GTC, Ferrari 365GTC

    Ferrari Part Number

    242-30-170-01, 242-30-171-01