Weber 40DCN carburettor

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    Originally fitted as an option to the Ferrari 275GTB and as standard fit to 275GTB/C’s and 275GTB4’s these provided an additional 20bhp in performance. Over years of use these eventually warp causing small amounts of unmetered air into the cylinders. This is impossible to tune out and is usually signified by flat spots across the RPM range.

    Our carburettors are heat treated investment cast LM25 aluminium bodies with precision ground hard brass (not mild steel as originally specified) throttle spindles. Our prototype sets have been fully tested with engine dyno graphs included below.

    As we have reverse engineered the entire carburettor we can also supply individual parts as required.

    Please allow 1 week for final assembly after ordering.

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    Ferrari 250GT, Ferrari 275GTB, Ferrari 275GTS