Sell Us Your Car

Here at Bell Classics we are always looking for exceptional cars that meet our demanding standards. Unlike many other dealers we are keen to acquire exciting models from any era – classic, modern classic, sports and racing variants right up to today’s supercars and hypercars. We also fully understand that selling a car can be a difficult, time-consuming and, occasionally, a somewhat drawn out process. The Bell Classics difference is that we have the resources and expertise necessary to make selling your car easy, fast and hassle-free. We pride ourselves on making instant decisions and rapid transactions, which allows customers to realise the value of their cars in the fastest possible time. Our services include: 

  •   Outright Cash sale – This is usually the preferred form of transaction. We are always interested in the outright purchase of fine sports, luxury, and classic cars. For the right cars, we will make fast decisions with swift & painless transaction.
  •  Consignment sales– This is often an alternative option to market your car, & can occasionally offer a slightly higher net return to the owner. If this is a consideration, we would be very happy to discuss your requirements further.
  •  Part Exchange– we are always happy to consider taking your existing vehicle against the value of a car which we have in stock.
  • Settlement of outstanding finance – we can assist with any ongoing financial commitments.
  • Nationwide appraisal and collection – from Penzance to the Orkney Islands, no town is too far for the right car.
  • Cherished plates – we can assist with the swift transfer of your private registration number.

International Buying

We understand that a particularly special or rare car is likely to have travelled the world. The buying team at Bell Classics are also willing to purchase internationally, and can assist with coordinating transport and shipping.

To discuss the sale of your vehicle in more detail, please contact the sales team on : + 44 (0) 1582 857940  or Email :