Servicing any car regularly and precisely is essential if its reliability, performance, and value are to be maintained, and nowhere is this more important than with a thoroughbred, classic sports car. Servicing will keep your car in tip-top condition, maximising the pleasure, the thrill and the enjoyment you receive from owning and driving it.



The skills needed to maintain cars that are fifty years old are becoming scarce. Advances in technology have made systems and components once considered ‘cutting edge’ obsolete. For example, carburettors or contact-breaker ignition systems have long-since disappeared in favour of fuel injection and electronic ignition – in fact, their appearance today would have the service departments of many garages scratching their heads.

Our technicians are especially recruited for the individual skill sets they have. Although most have manufacturer training in the marque they specialise in, all have skills that are relevant to the technology of the cars they are working on. They are passionate about what they do, ensuring that your car leaves us exactly as you expect it to be: perfect.


Our facilities

We have full servicing facilities and continually invest in the technology needed to maintain and service classic, and more recent, Ferraris and Aston Martins. Although the majority of the cars we work on were built before the introduction of on-board computer systems, time moves on: a car built in 1990 is now over twenty-five years old and heading towards being a classic in its own right.

Our servicing, restoration and engineering facilities are, of course, interwoven. We have a machine shop with CAD, milling machines, a flow-bench, a Serdi S3 Millenium machine for cutting multi-angle valve seats and fitting guides; a ‘clean room’ for rebuilding engines and precision assemblies; gas, MIG and TIG welding facilities and a fully-equipped body shop with metal cutting and folding equipment and English wheels to form compound curves.


Building a relationship

Our technicians build a relationship with both you and your car. As technicians, they take pride in their work; as enthusiasts, they take a keen personal interest in the car they are working on. Most of the cars we work on were hand built and hand finished: our technicians develop a personal ‘feel’ for any given car, getting to know and understand the details that make it unique.

Many of our customers build a relationship with the technicians who work on their car: it’s a relationship we try to promote as we believe it helps provide both a better end result, and creates an individual servicing experience for you